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M4 Style Stock & Grip on a Older 121-M1?


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I was wondering if I could fit a M4 style stock and pistol grip onto a Older Benelli SL80 121-M1?


Would I'll like to do is build a budget M41014-style Shotgun.


I found a 121-M1 at a good price, as well as a M4 retractable stock. If I can put the M4 stock/grip on the 121-M1, I think that'd be a good start



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Forget about putting Super 90 M4 parts on a 121M1 as they are totally incompatible.


It is possible to put plastic furniture on a 121M1, but I don't advise it. Choate Machine and Tool has had available* a plastic pistol grip stock for the 121 and you can use the foreend from a Super 90 M1 (you will have to use a Dremel tool to do some minor fitting where the foreend meets the receiver). The main issue is that either Choate plastic stock available (field or PG) for the 121 is substantially heavier than the original wood stock and can affect reliability by adding to the mass of the inertia operated 121/SL80 series shotguns. The other issue is that there are no longer any spare parts available for the 121 (although it's a relatively robust and simple design) therefore if and when something breaks you'll have a wallhanger. As much as I loved my 121M1 I sold about a year ago because of the lack of any spare parts for it.


*Choate advised me that their stocks are made in batches, and they are unlikely to mold anymore after their inventory for the Benelli 121 at that time is exhausted.

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