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No Choke Key


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I have a new Benelli Nova Pump Action (a standard barrel and an added long barrel purchased separately) and am new to shotguns. The manual describes a choke key to set choke but I was not provided one with my purchase.


I could use some help with obtaining a choke key and also how to set choke to position 3 (modified) setting.


Also, what 12 gauge round would be appropriate for home defense.


Thank you Bernelli veterans for your help.

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You can usually pickup a choke tube wrench to fit them at any decent sporting goods store. You may want to call Benelli CS and they might send you one FOC.


Every home Defense situation is different.

Do you have children or others who live with you and who would possibly be in adjacent rooms? If so, you should consider the dangers of pass-thru with drywall and similar materials. If pass-thru is an issue, then you'll probably want to stick to lower velocity smaller diameter shot to minimize the risk of hurting a loved one.

If you're pretty much alone, and not in an apartment building, then step it up to 4 buck.

You could pick up a few pieces of drywall and test various loads if that is a concern.

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Welcome to the Benelli Owner's club! You made a great purchase.


I have this choke tube wrench: $3.50 from MidwayUSA, though a quarter may work like Golden Dragon suggested.



In a advanced shotgun defense class I attended last month, we discussed pro's and con's of various types of home defense ammo. Seems like bird shot will give a very tight pattern at 15 feet, punching a hole in a bad guy's chest (or head) and yet not endanger a loved one in the next room. If you don't have to worry about another person in the next room (or rooms), and you live in a single family house, I load 00 buck. Also good for a bad guy(s) advancing in the back yard. Just my thoughts based on my own particular home layout and situation. IF anything penetrated through my exterior walls, I have high block walls to stop the projectile from reaching my neighbor's house. It's important to consider where the projectile will go if you missed the bad guy. That's why bird shot seems a safe bet within the house. I don't care who you are, if you get hit with bird shot at conversational distances, you will probably bleed to death before I eventually call 911 for you.


This is my opinion only and should not be considered legal or professional advice. This post does not reflect the views of Benelli USA, other forum members, their advertisers, employees, board of directors, landlords, cleaning crew staff, gardener, my cousin Lois, or my pet iguana Mr Wiggles; your mileage may vary, void where prohibited, no salesman will call, batteries not included, offer void in Utah, some restrictions may apply, do not operate heavy machinery while reading this post, must be 18 or older to play, see rule book for details.

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