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Assistance needed in choosing the correct Benelli


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As the title says, I need some assistance in choosing the correct Benelli for my needs. At this point I have narrowed my choices down to the M2, SBEII, and Super Vinci all in either 26" or 28", but I am still very open to investigating other options. I have used google to the extent of my capabilities which is the reason I have chosen the above 3 options as my primary focus.


My main concerns are function (having the correct tool for the job) and reliability. I have no question regarding the reliability of any Benelli - I have loved my Super Nova ever since day 1 - but this is my first jump into the auto loader world of shotguns.


This gun will be used primarily for clay shooting (non-competition), secondly for hunting (dove, quail, pheasant, turkey), and *possibly* some waterfowl (duck and goose). When it comes to clay shooting I am looking at cycling approximately 4,000 rounds per year through it making it my primary use.


When it comes to the 3 models I have narrowed it down to, I have done so due to other shooters' reviews and overall impressions. I have not held or used the M2 or SBEII, but I have played with the Super Vinci quite a bit and love the way it feels. I know the best way to get a true feel for a gun is to shoot it, but unfortunately I have not had that opportunity. After reading my above uses it is pretty obvious that I do not need a 3.5" magnum, but in the case of the Super Vinci vs. the Vinci I liked the feel substantially more. I would prefer to not spend money where it is unnecessary, but the general consensus regarding the M2 vs SBEII is that the SBEII has a better feel. I like Benelli's synthetic stocks better than the wooden options which took the Ultra Light and the Montefeltro off of my radar. I hope to investigate the M2 and SBEII more this weekend, but in the mean time would really like any advice and direction anyone can provide.


Thank you

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I hunt and hit clays with a Benelli M2 Field 28" although i use my cordoba more for clays but imho the sbe2 and m2 are the exact same thing cept one has a 3.5 inch chamber and the other does not.. its like driving a camaro then driving a supercharged camaro both the same thing one just has more

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