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SuperNova advice


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Went shooting skeet today with my super nova, probably have about 500 rounds through it - it's still fairly new. So I'm shooting Winchester 1oz 8 shot 2 3/4DRAM shells (12GA), I'm pretty sure I've shot these before with no issues. For the first time today I experienced several misfires.


I could repeat the misfire, but I couldn't determine what circumstances was creating the misfire. It wasn't the shells as far as I could tell, I could reload the shell in the magazine and it would fire as expected.


Initially I thought I wasn't pumping the slide completely, but I made it a point to make a purposeful slide of the action both ways. At times it was the shell in the action that misfired, other times the first shell would fire and a subsequent shell in the magazine would misfire. I'm defining a misfire as a dry fire - as if you dry fired your SN with no shell was in the receiver. I could eject it, and put it right back in the magazine and it would fire when I got to that shell.


Unfortunately I didn't have any other shells with me to test Remingtons, AA, or Federals.


If anyone has any advice as to why this is happening, or if it's my fault, please help me out. Is it the shells? Or is the gun malfunctioning?



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Check to see if the primer has a light strike mark on from the firing pin. That would be a visual sign that the hammer is working. If there is a light mark on the primer look at the load the primers might not be seated as far as they could in the shell and you could just try a different batch of ammo. If there is no strike mark at all something is not working correct with your shotgun.

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