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  1. Many states limit the number of rounds in the magazine tube to two when hunting.
  2. For anyone interested - here's the answer (from Benelli) - The barrel tension adjustment is located on the forend iron inside of the forend. There is a flat blade set screw towards the rear of the iron. If the screw is tightened, the pressure on the barrels is lightened. However, if tightened too far, it can crack the forend as the screw protrudes through the bottom of the forend iron. If the customer wishes to tighten the tension, just loosen the screw.
  3. You're right - with any other O/U the only way to loosen it up was to shoot it - a lot. However - The 828U is a bit different than any other previous O/U. Opening the firearm does not cock the gun, that's now done with the opening lever. There is no linkage between the fore end and the triggers. The fore end cover is purely cosmetic. Benelli advertises that it's adjustable - so - I was hoping someone may have one and had made an adjustment.
  4. For those of you that have an 828U, I'd like to adjust the barrel tension so it swings open and closed more easily. I've emailed Benelli tech support twice and no one seems to be home. The manual doesn't clearly identify it either, unless I'm missing it. Anyone know where the adjustment screw(?) is? Thanks
  5. He shoots skeet with the same authority as I do brain surgery. Hint - no survivors yet. Like the rest of his presidency, it's a BIG LIE
  6. A pump really isn't the best choice for clays, but I think I'd go for the SN only because you already have an M2. Maybe consider getting the SN and using the M2 for clays instead of the new SN.
  7. If it were me, unless you need the synthetic stock, you already know you like the Monte, I'd buy another. Plus it's a better looking gun than any of the synthetic stock Benelli's.
  8. As Hattles said it's the design - specifically the receiver design that provides less weight - I own both, the Legacy is a bit fancier, and easier to clean due to the receiver design. They both shoot and feel equally great. You can't go wrong with either gun IMO.
  9. TKTM - when the three aging supreme court justices are replaced with liberals like the two Obama put in there and they attack gun rights - you'll know what the difference is.
  10. No - shell shouldn't eject until you return the slide to the rear position
  11. I love the M2 3 gun, I don't like the price much, but if you don't participate in 3 gun competitions would you buy it? I know it's not ideally suited to skeet, sporting clays, etc. but would you use it for that? What's your opinion of the M2 3gun.
  12. How difficult is it to replace the existing bolt handle in a Legacy or Montefeltro? Judging from pictures, they don't appear to screw in, is it a pressure fit? Thanks
  13. they're basically the same gun, buy the one that fits best, or fits your wallet best.
  14. Planning on purchasing one of these two 12 GA primarily used for skeet and sporting clays 28" barrel length, drop at the heel and drop at the comb are the same Legacy is .2 lbs heavier Does it just come down to looks? Which would you go with and why? Thanks
  15. scd - Thanks for the advice - I'll check it out and see if I can figure out what's happening Thanks again.
  16. One other thing I can add - the "click" heard when the trigger was pulled, was the slide release button releasing, I cannot confirm the firing pin engaged, but all signs would point to it not engaging with the trigger pull.
  17. Went shooting skeet today with my super nova, probably have about 500 rounds through it - it's still fairly new. So I'm shooting Winchester 1oz 8 shot 2 3/4DRAM shells (12GA), I'm pretty sure I've shot these before with no issues. For the first time today I experienced several misfires. I could repeat the misfire, but I couldn't determine what circumstances was creating the misfire. It wasn't the shells as far as I could tell, I could reload the shell in the magazine and it would fire as expected. Initially I thought I wasn't pumping the slide completely, but I made it a point to make a purposeful slide of the action both ways. At times it was the shell in the action that misfired, other times the first shell would fire and a subsequent shell in the magazine would misfire. I'm defining a misfire as a dry fire - as if you dry fired your SN with no shell was in the receiver. I could eject it, and put it right back in the magazine and it would fire when I got to that shell. Unfortunately I didn't have any other shells with me to test Remingtons, AA, or Federals. If anyone has any advice as to why this is happening, or if it's my fault, please help me out. Is it the shells? Or is the gun malfunctioning? Thanks!
  18. doesn't sound normal, I'd pull it apart and reassemble make sure there are no left over parts
  19. You're right, Benelli refers to it as a "push button shell stop", and it's on both. This might be a new feature on the Nova? I don't recall it being available on the Nova when I got my SN.
  20. One additional difference with the SuperNova is the ability of changing the shell in the chamber without cycling through the magazine.
  21. I own a Benelli Montefeltro 12ga and love it, its become my "go to" gun for all sporting clay shoots. I'm hoping someone can help me understand something, looking at the M2 and Super Sport they appear to be very similar to my Monte, I know there might be small differences like # of shells in the mag, stuff like that, are there internal differences I'm not aware of? So say I was shopping for a semi auto from Benelli, aside from a cost difference between the Monte, M2, and Super Sport, are they essentially the same gun with a different name, at different price points? I realize the M2 can be purchased in tactical configurations and the others cannot, but comparing field, or sporting guns, are there any real differences? Thanks for the help, and apologies in advance if this is obvious to everyone but me . . .
  22. Gander Mountain has a Benelli Nova on sale right now for $299 which is $100 bucks off.
  23. If you're saying you can see the BEAM of red light in the daylight and not what it's POINTED AT - that's nonsense. Remember I'm talking about the beam - if you think you can see the beam of light for 1.5 miles in the daylight - not what the beam is pointed or directed at, but he beam itself, that's BS. Take one outside right now and point it at whatever you like, you won't pick the beam out in daylight. You'll have a better chance at night, but only if you know what you're looking for. I'm not saying it's invisible, nor am I talking about the target you have it pointed at. Green lasers are more visible light to the naked eye than red light is.
  24. Consider using a red laser and not green - green is visible light, you and anyone else will be able to see the beam. Red won't be seen by the naked eye except splashed on the target.
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