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Canadian Long Gun Registry Gone!!!


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The Conservatives have won approval from the House of Commons to scrap Canada's contentious long-gun registry.

After a lengthy debate, MPs voted 159-130 in favour of passing Bill C-19, which will end the registry and allow the government to destroy records pertaining to non-restricted firearms.

The bill still needs final approval from the Senate, but since the Conservatives form a majority in the Upper Chamber as well, the law is sure to pass. :o

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I wouldn't move to Canada just yet. They still have a long way to go before Canadians can be comfortable owning hand guns. But hey, it's a start and the way Obama is heading, you are all bound to loose your guns some day. I would hope you all know who to vote for at your next election.



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Just because some people think Obama wants our guns, does not mean Obama gets our guns. People forget that there is a whole other country than what they show you on the news, and dont believe everything the NRA tells you, dont believe it. Alot of it is hype. There are over 150M gun owners with over 40M people who hunt each year (based on the amount of hunting permits sold from each state). Americans will not be parting with any guns. We keep buying guns. Women are buying guns, rich guys, poor guys, in between guys, guys who have trucks, guys who have Benz's...we all have guns, and all buy more guns and ammo everyday. Obama cant do much about it and thats the bottom line. Gun owners in the USA are a very loud bunch. Put in a hurricane Katrina situation where a whole city was taken advantage of at the current time and you will have a very different outcome.

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