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Nova H2O Magazine Extension


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Anyone have a lead on a factory nickel-plated Nova H2O Magazine Extension? Jay's Gun Shop has them backordered, while Mann and Sons no longer orders them, period. The H2O is a great gun, but needs that extension!





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These are hard to find! Many of us have been frustrated by its lack of availability!


The Benelli part number for the nickel plated H2O Nova Magazine extension is 80225. I bought mine from Jay's Guns & Accessories: http://www.jaysgunsonline.com They advertised the part on Guns America. I paid $119.99 + $10.00 shipping.


Another vendor is http://www.gmcgov.com They also sell the 80225 H2O mag extension for $119.95, but will only sell it to law enforcement.


Benelliparts, an Amazon.com vendor, sells the 80225 H2O mag extension for $199.00 + $4.45 shipping. OUCH!!! Talk about price gouging!


Given that many buy the Nova H2O for use as a tactical shotgun, it is difficult to understand why the matching magazine extension is not more readily available. The basic four round magazine that comes with the gun limits its tactical utility and appeal. Benelli in many of their promotional pictures shows the H2O with the mag extension attached. You'd think they would make it more easily available through their dealers! Better yet, INCLUDE it from the factory as part of the H2O package!

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The Nova H2O, alongside the Notorious M4 H2O, does not seem to capture Benelli's interest in manufacture. They highly endorse the M3 Kromo, which is apparent when you see that the Nova H2O is non-existent on Benelli's Product Page*, whereas the Kromo has its own showcase.


Therefore, parts are almost unobtainium.


*Benelli Armi S.p.A.

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