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Is the Nova or Supernova good for shooting trap?


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I used a friends SuperNova the other weekend to shoot some trap and I thought it was preety great. The ony downfall is for any sort of doubles. ( as they require you to pump). In that case an over/under or auto loader would be an advantage. But for singles trap nothing wrong with the nova's. The super nova basically just has a nicer stock with less felt recoil.

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i own a supernova, and I must say, it is the most amazing thing for skeet/trap/sporting clays, forget about the pump, i can rack in another round in about half a second, so thats really not a problem. they are light, nimble and have almost no felt recoil, i can hold the gun about a half inch off of my shoulder when i shoot it, and it barely touches it, i love it. the midbead makes it nice for lining up the targets quickly to make sure you have a good shot

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This is my first year doing any kind of sport shooting. I went out two weeks ago and took a leap buying the stoeger m3500. Ill tell ya what. Ive been shooting in the 20s(out of 25 of course) since I started shooting it. Its semi auto and a really nice gun. My fiance bought me the stoeger 8000.(.45 acp) last year for my birthday. It was the first one I have owned and I think stoeger is doing big things!!! The m3500 comes with 5 chokes and a recoil reducer, for under 700 bucks its a great buy. It doesnt have the midbead on the barral but from what the guys at the shooting club was saying is that they make magnetic ones. But n e way good luck on whatever you decide to buy, and keep us informed.

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The answer, of course, is;


It Depends.


Are you talking about trap thrown off a hand set at your buddy's farm?


Or are you talking about an occasional trip to your local club to get warmed up for hunting seaons?


Or are you talking about serious ATA trap for competition?


If the answer is one of the first two, then yes, I'm sure a Nova or a Supernova will be fine.


However, if you are someone who is planning to "get into" competitive trap shooting, there are better choices. I shoot a lot of ATA trap.


Post back or post me a PM, and I will be happy to give you my opinions.



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