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SBE Price


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With the official announcement that the SBE (version I) is discontinued, brand new black SBE's with full warranty are running $899 here now.


One gunshop promises $749 if he has any left over after duck season.


Given that most can wait until after duck season, I would value a used black SBE at around $550, maybe lower.


Same for the Beretta Xtrema, they are really starting to dump them to make room for the Xtrema II.


I am going to keep my 2002 SBE. It shoots just fine and I simply won't take the hit just to raise cash for a new gun.


mudhen - CA

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Reasonable is not the standard - reality is.


I see used SBE's for $700 or less all day long with no takers.


They will be under $800 NIB after duck season in my area, if there are any left.


A used SBE, after duck season, will be be lucky to fetch $600.


Just since my last post, NIB black Xtremas have dipped to $699.


I hear the new Xtrema II has the Benelli bolt and the ARGO system like the M1014. We'll see it at the SHOT Show.


mudhen - CA

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