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does this stuff really work?


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Okay, somebody on this forum recommended the Sentry Solutions products for treating the internal and working surfaces of the M4. I just received the "Armorer's Kit" that basically equips you to coat the gun with various forms of molybdenum disulfide, a slippery grey/black material that sticks to metal and repels grime.


Before I start wiping this stuff in my nice shiny bore, etc. I was just looking for some reassurance that this is worth doing (and is reversible/removable). It is claimed that this is widely used in the military and essentially eliminates the need to use solvents during cleaning. However, it does change the color of the surfaces it is applied to.


If you've used this stuff I'd very much like to hear what you think about it... Thanks!

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Hey PDW, thanks for the endorsement.


I spent several hours this afternoon degreasing the interior of the receiver of my M4 and the disassembled bolt, then coating them with the alcohol-based black stuff ("smooth-kote"). I get the sense that you need to gradually build this moly-residue up over time; the instructions urge you to rub the dry powder into the surface as well. Not used to treating my shotgun like a piece of beef I'm gonna BBQ! I used some of the "hi-slip" grease in the de-greased trigger assembly and the interior of the bolt. My fingers were almost as black as they get when you change your brake pads... (I hate rubber gloves)


Didn't put it into the bore and I didn't wipe down the outside of the M4 with the "Tuf-cloth". My main concern is making sure that I have a way of knowing that the bore is clean; after 40 years of squinting down a bore treated with conventional methods, I'm not too sure I can judge the state of a barrel treated with these new-fangled compounds.


If it works, this old dog will learn a new trick. If it works for the military, I'm happy to follow.

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