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Help with SBE 11 issue

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A friend a I both recently purchased new SBE 11's. We are both having the same issue with the guns.


We are using Federal Prarie Strom 2 3/4" shells. Which is all the guns have had fired through them.

This issue is, the gun Jamming. It wants to let 2 shells out of the mag tube at same time. Mine will then jam, My buddys is dumping live ammo on the ground. Also having issue with occasional stove pipe empty case stuck in bolt?

This is happening repeatdly. Guns have doing this since new, and seem to be getting much worse.


We have ran several hundred of these same rounds of ammo through Stoeger m2000 with no issue, so I am having trouble believeing the Benelli wont cycle same rounds. I did take the gun out back and tried 3 rounds of the cheap walmart low brass, and it cycled those without issue.


Any ideas as to the cause?

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Maybe giving CS a call and using your warranty while you still have one would be where i started at !

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Yes, I plan to do that tomorrow. Just sitting here this morning a little upset with the gun, thought I would try to get some feed back from others who may have had a simaler issue.



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