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M4 Recoil Tube Plunger Retaining Ring Removal/Replacement


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Can someone give me a tip on how to remove the wire retaining ring that retains the plunger in the M4 recoil tube? It's the one on the receiver end of the tube. The snap ring on the other end was easy but the ring on the threaded end of the tube has been very stubborn. Thanks.

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The part you're describing is called the Flexible Ring. If you are planning to transfer it from one recoil tube to another, I would recommend just buying another flexible ring from Brownells. The ring is rather easy to install, but digging one out is a real PITA. You'd need a strong tipped pick in order to dig under one of the edges of the ring.


If you're going to try to dig it out, put the receiver extension in a vice. Then get two picks. One pick to hold the flexible ring in place while you try to dig under the other end of the gap with the other. If you can get one of the pick ends under the ring, you might be able dislodge it.




It is out of stock at the moment, but I've found that most Benelli parts that are out of stock ship within two weeks from Brownells.



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Thank you very much--I decided to just order a new ring as I didn't have any success digging out the old flexible ring. I had searched Brownells without success until your post directed me to the schematics they have with linked part numbers.


Thanks again.

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