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New-to-me M1 Tactical, question with Cheek-weld using Ghost Ring sights


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First off, greetings. Pleased to see there's a soft place on the couch for new Benelli customers to land!


So I just got my new-to-me M1S90 Tactical (18.5 inch, ghost ring, non-pistol-grip, 3 chokes) from my FFL. Brought it home, shouldered it, and darned if I can't see the front sight through the ghost ring with a proper cheek weld. Staring *way* over it. I have to lift my cheek off the stock about 3/4 of an inch to get a correct sight picture.


NowI have read over the manual, and I see there's a 'drop change' process that can be followed. I also see that there are shim kits available online. So the first thing I did was pull the stock, and see wha shims are currently in, and it turns out, there are no shims in it, and no shims in the box.


Now the way I interpret the manual, it looks like the shim kits will actually drop the current stock FURTHER DOWN than it already is, which would exacerbate my problems.


Now I used to have Remington 1100 (comb and bead), and it fit me to a T without any changes, so I imagine my face is shaped normally, and attached correctly to my shoulder. I should also mention I'm 5ft 8in.


Why is this M1 so 'off' for me? Am I missing how ghost ring sights are supposed to be used? Are you not supposed to have a solid cheek weld? Any input appreciated.

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Yep, if you're used to looking down the top of the receiver to a bead front sight, you're going to have to make a slight adjustment in using the ghost ring sights since they're elevated above the receiver and barrel a lot more than a regular bead or vent rib shotgun. I shoot M1's with both and with the ghost rings I only have to rotate my head up just slightly. I still have a good cheek-weld.

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I've just not had experience trying to quickly shoulder without having a solid cheek-weld. It just seems like it should be an automatic-do-it-every-time experience. I may look into getting a cheek pad, or even switch over to the mesa stock.

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