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Benelli Supernova 8.9mm Barrel Unthreaded for chokes

Alex Kara

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A month ago I bought the benelli supernova with 8.9mm barrel for home protection.


But I wanted to try it for clay shooting (Trap) so i decided to install a choke ( either jelly head or tightwad ).


As it seems my barrel isnt threaded for chokes, i was wondering if a gunsmith can/should thread it for me OR is the barrel too thin for such a purpose?


(I live in greece and the gunstore which i bought the gun told me about a gunsmith near me that crafts sniper rifles for the greek army)


Is there a chance that my barrel will get destroed or i wont be able to shoot slugs with it?


Thanks in advace,

A greek benelli lover.


(In 3 days im expecting my M2 to arrive :) )

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I know we don't do Metric over here in the colonies, but dang, 8.9mm sounds like a purty short barrel to me. I'm not sure that's long enough to thread. :cool: Error in translation or typo?

Jelly head or tightwad. Hmmm. Another translation issue?

Regardless, You might just consider getting an additional threaded barrel more appropriate for trap since it's a longer-range game. There are some folks who do thin-walled threading/chokes here in the states. Perhaps there too but getting it done might be close to the cost of an additional barrel.

Or, just wait and shoot clays with the M2 and keep the nova for the house as you intended.

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1.5mm or 0.0590551181 inch is the number for the thickness of the barrel.


the length is 21''.


Jelly head & tightwad is the name of the model of chokes.


I have seen many gunsmiths that do that kind of work for around 40-50$ in the US.


Nowhere near 305$ for a new barrel.


So any advice?


(i know my m2 will be better for this kind of thing but im already in love with my supernova, its an epic tool)

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So I finally talked with a gunsmith and for anyone who might later come here for this purpose since noone else knew ill post it.


The barrel is too thin for a inside thread.


It can be done but the sights have to be removed and a new kind of sights must be installed a lil behind than the original location and then the chokes will be installed there.


The cost is about 300$.

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