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My opinion on Benelli

Alaa Maayouf

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Hello all

I am the main organizer and sponsor of the Hunting trips to Egypt

At our Hunting Agent in Egypt we provide our clients whose come to Enjoy Hunting in Egypt with all Hunting Equipment during there trip in Egypt and we were use various kinds of Hunting shotguns No need to mention And we had many problems with it

at 1992 when the Government allow Hunters to bring their shotguns and cartridges , one Group from Italy were with me and I saw different type of shotguns

Capable of bearing various Heavy caliber

And various lengths of Cartridges And thousands of Shots

when I asked them about it they said its Benelli

then we We decide to change all our shotguns to Benelli

we changed it to edition which were available here in Egypt

at 2006 we changed again to Benelli Raffallo deluxe and Benelli mania

and at 2011 we changed all our 22 shotgun to Benelli Dynmic

Really Benelli is best hunting & shooting shotgun have ever use


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Guest cleefurd

Decoys?? Decoys?? We don't need no stinking decoys!

That is a great video.

How diverse is your client base? I'm imagining you see a lot of business travellers booking hunts?!

Do you provide firearms and dogs? Do you have any pictures of the dogs (if any are used)?

Thank you for that video Mr. Maayouf

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