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Rifled choke tube

Central VA

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My impression is they're more of a confidence placebo rather than actually helping to stabilize the slug. The slug spends so little time in the short tube that it doesn't get much chance to do anything. I have never read any test comparing a straight choke tube to a rifled tube though. So ... my opinion is that it can't hurt and might help. Go with the longest rifled choke you can buy to give the slug more chance to spin. Mudhen is right, I think you should stay away from the sabot slugs and stick with Buckhammers or some kind of quality foster slug.

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Actually Butch, I have read a great deal about how even a short section of rifling can make a major difference in slug accuracy.


I found my Rhino rifled tube made my SBE shoot better groups.


Read up on the Buckhammer and spend some time at Brenekke's website for info on slugs for rifled tubes.


mudhen - CA

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