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Glock 26 Shootin'


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I try to get out to my gun club with my EDC and train with it twice a month and work on combat accuracy. I drill with laser only from the hip, from concealment, then just working on getting the front post back on target, then with iron sights from further out, etc. In this video I have a number of distances I'm shooting from, at different size targets, even some steel plates.


How do you train with your EDC?


What kind of "combat accuracy" is "good enough" in your opinion?


Would love to hear your thoughts on this and get your opinions.


Here's a link to the video.

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That CTG on the target (at around 5:00) is very revealing...watch it jump over to the left as you fire...as a right handed shooter, you are 'pushing' the trigger. Obviously the laser exaggerates the motion, but it makes it plain as day. The video also demonstrates how much more difficult lasers are to aim precisely than people think. Still plenty sufficient groups for HD situation, etc.


Also, @ 1:55...very evident 'jerk' on the trigger...made more obvious by the empty chamber!! LOL! We've all done that...

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