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SBE I alive and well.....


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Saw the 2005 dealer catalog yesterday.


The SBE I is alive and well as the 'economy' SBE. It includes some of the SBE II features and the price is lower than the II. The forearm is SBE II, but the stock is not ComforTech. Don't recall any mention of Crio - don't think it is.


This is prolly good news for all the makers of SBE I accessories like choke tubes, etc.


The Cordoba comes in 28" and 30" and I think the MSRP was $1600.


Prices looked pretty much the same as 2004.


mudhen - CA

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I will ask this here too....

Why is the Cordoba the same price as the Super Sport? The Cordoba is plastic forearm, stock, the super sport is carbon fiber, wouldnt that be more expensive? carbon fiber=plastic ?


Doesnt make sense to me, I really wanted a Cordoba, but cant really swallow that price for a gun that is plastic.



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