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M1 super 90 cycling problem


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I just purchased a used benelli m1 super90. It has a pistolgrip buttstock, 18.5" barrel ,6 shot side saddle,laser products flashlight forearm, and a +2 magazine extension. It has a serial number M18**** and thought I was gettin a good deal but it turns out its having trouble cycling ammo. I've taken the WHOLE gun apart, inspected, cleaned and lubed everything and it still will not cycle properly.I even tore down and cleaned out the spring and tube in the buttstock. It fires fine and occasionally it'll roll through 7 rounds without a hitch, but it seems to me like the shotgun doesn't have enough power to let the action slide back far enough to eject the shell out and bring the next one in. I have only fired 3" winchester multipurpose shells through it and I'm also thinking it could be the choice of rounds I am using. I have no problem with the ammo through my remington 1100. Any suggestions will be appreciated. If it is the ammo whats a good ammo of choice that I can go with? I want to use it mainly for home defense so I gotta be able to trust it not to fail.


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I still think you got a deal. I would follow Robert II's advice. If you scroll down the forum page you will see someone else is having the same problem. Since Benelli is inertia operated the more junk you hang on the gun the more recoil that is absorded. I would take all of accessories off and try it. Then prioritize what you want on it and add that stuff. Keep testing it to see what the gun's threshold is. I've shot 2 3/4 skeet loads through mine and never had a problem, but my gun is naked.

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Just as an addition....this is an inertia operating gun. It has to recoil in order to operate. You make it too heavy with side saddles, bulky, heavy lights, magtube exts, and with a full complement of ammo the dang thing is too heavy to recoil. I cant stand a side saddle or a heavy gun. So heres my 2 cents. Wear a bandolier or 2, go with the surefire lighting system (less than 1/2 the weight) and use a straight stock, PGs just get in the way (have to use it for real and find out). You wont have a heavy gun, it will cycle better, your arms wont fatigue as soon from carrying a boat anchor therefore better shot placement. Works for me.

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