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SBE II Disassembly


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So, I finally bought my new SBE II.


Coincidentally, yesterday duck hunting is the first time I ever went down hard in a slough, water in the waders and all. ...and I'm carrying my brand new SBE. So when I got home I got a quick lesson in the complete breakdown of the gun. The only thing I was unsure of, is whether I should dismantle the recoil spring tube as well to make sure it's dry, or leaving it in the sun was enought to dry it out, assuming water "may" have gotten in there. I wasn't able to shake any water out of it. I'm sitting here now thinking I should take that apart as well.


Can I go that far into the tear down?? Is it difficult to remove the inner workings of the recoil spring tube? I haven't found a video for it.


Thanks for any feed back.


I love this gun....

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The components are all stainless, so the primary concern would be to purge all moisture and dirt and make sure it's lubricated.

Depress the spring and plunger and blast it out with gunscrubber or carb and choke cleaner, then compressed air. Then apply a couple of drops of CLP.

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