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  1. Cooper, best huntig dog in the world [ATTACH=CONFIG]2455[/ATTACH]
  2. I used to log on quite a bit; it's when I started waterfowling and researching to select a gun. I received a lot of great information from hunteres regarding birds, locations, types of loads, shooting tips, decoy spreads etc. Seems folks tended to discuss hunting with more frequency. It's interesting to see the detail of tactical guns and I now know much more about them, but hunting is a topic that has dwindled. Everything evolves, I guess. I just made 42 pounds of goose sticks yesterday. I should thank the forum for that, and helping me a nd two sons in our first years of waterfowling.
  3. I went through this same process for a year myself. I purchased a SBEII in August for my hunts this fall. I love the gun, but have not shot a SV, I don't know anyone with one. I also have a Benelli Ultra Light, I had some pinching issues with that when I first got it a few years ago, but I think I must have adjusted to how I load shells, as it doesn't seem to be an issue at all. And I don't experience it with the SBEII. So, I think you adapt if it's an issue for you. I don't use my thumb to re-engage the safety. I use my index finger after removing it from the trigger. Always have for
  4. Perfect. That I can do, thanks much!
  5. So, I finally bought my new SBE II. Coincidentally, yesterday duck hunting is the first time I ever went down hard in a slough, water in the waders and all. ...and I'm carrying my brand new SBE. So when I got home I got a quick lesson in the complete breakdown of the gun. The only thing I was unsure of, is whether I should dismantle the recoil spring tube as well to make sure it's dry, or leaving it in the sun was enought to dry it out, assuming water "may" have gotten in there. I wasn't able to shake any water out of it. I'm sitting here now thinking I should take that apart as well.
  6. I bought a lab two years ago, first dog I've ever owned. I was 46. Spent time teaching him the basics, sit, here, heel. I spent a little time with him just about every day, with those commands and retrieving. Someone recommended a book or two, and i read those. He's a great hunting dog now, and I knew very little going into it for training. I did buy a dog with a good pedigree assuming it would make the job more enjoyable, and it has been. I feel pretty lucky with Cooper. BTW, he's a handsome 56-pound fox red British Lab.
  7. By the way, not a problem and I LOVE the gun. Bought a 12ga 26".
  8. I've had mine for short time. I've put 100 rounds of a heavy field load during my first spoting clays. Then a standard target load for another 100. Maybe another 15 or so shooting birds at a game farm thus far. All were 2 3/4. Yes, it'll shoot 3 inch as well. Fired a couple just because.
  9. fishinguy

    gun oil

    All my hunting is Minnesota and Norht Dakota. I've had issues with Rem Oil as mentioned hunting in cold weather. Never had an issue with BreakFree. But, at the same time, I'm much better at cleaning my guns properly over the last few years.
  10. I did something similar to the knuckle on my left index finger 15-20 years ago. Wide open and could see lots of stuff I shouldn't. Went to the ER, had a specialist stitch the tendon together, then the skin and had my hand in a half-cast for almost eight weeks. Turned out pretty good, but I have some limited issues on the coldest of Minnesota days. I'd make sure it's taken care of properly. Even now scar tissue holds the skin to the tendon underneath, as I didn't do the physical therapy afterwards as I was instructed to do.
  11. Looks legal, didn't see any empty 20ga lead shells anywhere....
  12. I've always had glossy finishes, I figured that would be easier to care for. But I'm sure this gun will see less field time. I like the idea of oil. Is Neatsfoot a brand or type of oil? I assume from that point after a wax, it needs to be waxed after a time in the field?
  13. I have an old Mossberg New Haven 20ga. It's the first gun I purchased in my youth 30 years ago. Wow!! It was used then, and the stock had been modified slightly to fit the previous owner better. It was a horrible job. However, I can't quite seem to let it go. So I think I'll refinish the wood instead. Once stripped, what would people recommend for the finish?
  14. Benelli Ultralight (12 Gauge) Weatherby SA-80 (12 Gauge) Mossberg 835 / Turkey (12 Gauge) Mossberg 835 Combo (12 Gauge) Mossberg 935 Combo (12 Gauge) Remington 870 (12 Gauge) Stoeger Condor O/U (16 Gauge) Mossberg New Haven 600ct (20 Gauge) Winchester 1400 (20 Gauge)
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