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M2 cartridge lever wont release shell from magazine


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Hi guys, I got a new M2 20 gauge. Every now and then, i cannot get the cartridge drop lever to release the shell in the magazine.


There is a tab that catches the rim of the shell and prevents it from entering into the gun until fired or until you release the cartridge drop lever. It is like there is too much tension on the shell from the magazine spring, and that is causing the problem.


Anyone else had this issue? Only way to fix it is to re-cycle the gun action until it trips.


Should i load some snaps cap in and let it sit to soften the spring?

Should i just work the action?


ANy recommendation or should i contact benelli customer service?

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You can trim about 8 inches from the magazine spring and it will still feed fine. Yes, the spring is too strong and your diagnosis is correct. Dont put snap caps in the magazine, they may get stuck. Just make sure you put the trimmed end of the spring in first. If this doesnt correct it then I would contact CS.

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