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Ghost ring sights on M1S90....


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I'm sure that this question has been asked before however, I have been unable to find an answer in my searches. I recently purchased an M1S90. It's date of manufacture was 1995. Unlike a friend of mines gun it does not have ghost ring sights on it. I was wondering if they could be changed out with altering the gun? Also, I have read that the older ghost rings ( like the originals for this gun) were not made very well and that the newer versions are better, anyone know anything of this??

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Sounds like your M1 has barrel mounted open sights. In order to have Ghost Ring Sights, you'd need to mount a new rear sight on the receiver and purchase a new barrel with the higher mounted front sight.


My M1 has the open sights and I prefer them over GRS.

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Having open sights gives you more options and versatility with the gun. My M3 came with a 19.75" barrel with open sights. I can use the gun with a 26" barrel with a fiber optic front bead which doesn't line up with a rear ghost ring sight. A rear GRS would also interfere with a folding stock if I ever wanted to install one.

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