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Need help To ID a old benelli semi auto shotgun


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There is a benelli semi auto shotgun that I am trying to get some information on. It has a serial number 121m1. I think it is a early benelli m1 variant which was imported from Italy. I think it was a Italian military shotgun from the 80's as it is inertia driven and chambered for only 2 3/4". It has a wood stock and forend and has a post front sight and a rear sight that is a cross between a ghost ring and a iron sight. I was trying to figure out what parts/barrels would be interchangeable with this gun. Any info would be helpfull. Thanks.


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The only parts interchangeable with that would be from a SL80, standard 121, or 123 (all essentially the same gun). And you would have to find a donor gun for spare parts since Benelli no longer makes replacement parts for those discontinued shotguns.


Date code info - http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php/16571-Benelli-Date-of-manufactuer-code?highlight=benelli+date+code

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