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Super Vinci jambing finger when shooting 3 1/2" shells


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I've owned my Super Vinci for about a year and a half and have shot under 200 rounds through it. Last week I went to ND goose hunting where I started to shoot 3 1/2" shells. After shooting less than a box of shells I found that the recoil was jambing the trigger guard into my middle finger to the point of being so sore and swollen that I had to drop to 3" shells only. I tried to reposition my hand on the stock only using the very end of my finger on the trigger and all it did was move the impact point more towards the knuckle. I then shot some of the same shells through a friends Baretta XP and NO finger impact or pain at all! Could this be a problem with my gun or me, the shooter? This situation has me a little concerned about my purchase of the Super Vinci... P.S. I did have my nephew who has a Vinci, not the Super, shoot mine and after only 2 shells he also felt the same impact. Thanks for any input.

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i just purchased a super vinci it is a great gun for reaching out and knocking down the high ones with the 3 1/2, but I also have the same problem with the new trigger design. the center finger takes a beating. After a half a box of 3 1/2 the middle finger feels like it might be broke it is sweelled up and has a lump. I think it might be a problem. other wise I really like it.

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