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New to forum. Early m1s90 magazine question.


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I've been looking for a deal on a m1s90 for a long time and finally came across one this past weekend at a local gun show. H&K sterling, VA is stamped on one side of the receiver and it has a one piece extended tube (maybe 7-round). I want to get it back to the standard length tube. When i bought the gun, I thought i would be able to simply take off the extension but that was not the case. I talked with someone who had a similar issue and when he ordered a standard tube, it was threaded differently at the receiver. This is a duck hunting shotgun and not a showpiece. I will chop that thing off at the threads if it is safe to do so. I would love to hear from someone who may have had similar issues or knows enough about the gun to send me in the right direction. Thanks in advance guys!!!

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Check with Numrich Gun Parts. They show two tubes for earlier serial numbers. One is the 7 round. The other isn't specified as to capacity but says "fine thread". They should be able to tell you if the "fine thread" version is a standard capacity.

Why don't you just get a magazine limiter and retaining ring instead. Numrich shows them in stock a lot cheaper than a new tube. Those guns were originally shipped with a limiter. I still have mine. That way, you can shoot ducks with this gun without having to go through the expense and hassle of changing out the whole magazine and you've got two guns in one. The limiter is easily removed when not hunting.

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Leave it alone. Sell it to someone who isn't going to butcher it up to get it to "standard" capacity then use that premium sale to fund the gun you want.


That said, I removed mine to install the new follower and clean it with a little heat and patience, really wasn't that hard.

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