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Blind side chokes?

Feather Buster

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Curious if anyone here has used these,and if they happen to know what their I.D. is.I havent used the chokes or the shotshells but plan on using them this weekend.Almost all my shots are within 30 yards at decoying ducks.I think this "hexodronal shot" will make a good spread at close ranges.I like a wide pattern for mach 3 flybys.So by matching the I.D. with my several chokes I have I should be able to get really close to the specialty chokes performance.

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I just went through this dilemma, so i'll help you out as best I can. It might be a little long-winded, but it's all for posterity's sake.


I shoot a lot of waterfowl. I bought a case of blindside 3" #2's last week, and a case of HeviMetal 3" BB's, after doing some of the same research. From what i've read, it's a straight up devastating short to mid range round. I patterned it at 20 yards with a factory modified choke in my cordoba and had a GREAT pattern--much better than heavymetal, black cloud, and super steel.


That being said, I live in Kansas, and the wind picked up too much for my paper targets to stay down reliably and pattern the 40 yard shots. But, from what i've heard, blindside performance starts to drop off (due to the hexadronal shot's flight resistance) after 35 yards, but should still be pretty good relative to other rounds. My IC choke did even better at 20 yards.


Most of my shots, however, tend to be within the 35-50 yard range on geese. I would still be ok with a modified in that circumstance if needed--because if you go tighter, you might need a specialty choke for BS to get it to pattern alright. I didn't get to try my Carlson's extended ported full choke on it, but they say it's not the same as black cloud and the wad won't get held up in a full choke--i'll see when i get a chance to pattern it, but i'm hesitant. For longer range shots, I plan on using the HeavyMetal shells anyway (situation allowing), they have better long distance reliability, and I certainly won't have to purchase another expensive aftermarket choke.


At your ranges, a factory benelli modified choke should perform just fine (and as good as any aftermarket, in this circumstance), as the constriction won't be tight enough to strip the BS specialty wad from the shot.


So based on all the research i've done, don't mess with the aftermarket chokes at that range. If you start shooting further out, then buy a specialty IM or F that is designed for BlindSide, but i'd speak with a rep at the company beforehand to see if it's necessary--or if that's really even the shell you want for longer ranges.

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