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Goose Hunting


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Have never been Goose hunting, the shotguns I have have 24 inch barrels its what I have and what I am goling to use to start with. If I like the first experance Goose hunting then I may changet the barrel lenght but for now my Turkey guns are going to have to do double duty so to speak. I have checked into single blinds so there should be a problem with the short barrel being too long excpt to me and I can wear ear plugs.

What I am needing to know is how to make my own decoys for the geese and how does one go about getting on public land to hunt here in Texas? Many thanks for all your help in advance.:)

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I am going duck/goose hunting next month for the first time. I am not sure the answer to your question but I would be interested in know the answer as well. I am also in Texas (Houston).


I have a Benelli M3 that I plan to take on the hunt. Right now I only have a 18.5" barrel but I have thought about getting the 26" barrel for hunting. It is just so pricey though. Will I be okay using the 18.5" barrel?

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I have hunted birds a good bit of my life Dove Quail Pigeon, thiswaa before the screw in chokes and the barrel lenght's in those days were 26 and 28 30 if you have a 3 inch mag. was never a need for the 3 inch as we could use lead shot in those days. Now the norn is non lead shot. I am thinking your not going to do well with the really short barrel. And as you said the price of a new barrel a man can get another shotgun.

The other day this pasted week I picted up a Stoerger turkey gun used but not much for $240.00 out the door the price of a new barrel and its a 3 1/2 too boot with 2 chokes.

Been looking at the guided hunts as that seems to be the only way my pal and I are going to be able to hunt geese. I guess the 26 inch barrel would be nicer to have but I have uses for them as yote guns and turkey guns , and will do more of that type of hunting than I will goose hunting. How ever if I do get the fever I'll either get longer barrels for the shotguns or I'll get new shotguns just for goose hunting.

The place I checked out for the guided hunt said they had shotguns to rent and the shells for you to buy. I know it would be a pretty high price but would be cheaper thn a new barrel. nyhow I am going to contact them and see what they say about the 24 inch barrel lenght. If yhey feel is not good idea then I'll rent the shotguns from them just to see if I like that type and style of hunting. Hope this helps you.

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Just looking around and felt I could at least offer some advice.


I have been duck/goose hunting since I was eight years old at multiple private clubs, public lands and day hunt impounds across the U.S. now for 30 years.


My daughter has now been joining me for 3 years and shoots a Montefeltro 20ga with 24" barrel. She has dowed numerous ducks and geese from 20 yards out to 40 yards and actually has not lost a duck yet (knock on wood).


There are two main myths leftover from old days about barrel length.


1. Higher velocity / Greater range (true a long time ago), false now.

Modern propellants will burn up by the end of a 24" barrel, I myself only use 26" barrels in automatics for the balance.


2. A longer sight plane will enable more accuracy and swing better.

This carries over from the days of double barrels. Remember that an automatic already has 5 inches of sight plane before the barrel whereas a double barrel does not. Meaning a 28" automatic has about as much sight plane as a 32-34" double barrel.


Check out sillosocks for a great bargain decoy...their standard one is their best overall.


Save the money on a new barrel over 24" and spend the money on quality shells.


You don't have to go all the way to the true Hevi-Shot, but Hevi-Metal #2's or BB's 3" 1 1/4 (my personal choice), Black Cloud #2's or the like in the middle of the road won't dissapoint.

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