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Barrel Lengths


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Does anyone have any charts or specifications that show the effects of longer barrel lengths?


I'm interested in a M1 for all-around use... upland, waterfowl...etc.


Basically is there much documented fact between a 26" and 28" barrel?

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Hi T - There is little documented on this these days. From what I've read in the past the velocity increases are so nominal (say 5fps form 26-28") that the point is moot.


This has to do with shotshell construction and it's components specificaly the powder.


Years ago powder burn rates were much slower so longer barrels were key in getting everything you could out of a shotshell packed with a heavy load of shot and the increased powder charge that was needed to propell it at a high velocity.


personally I prefer longer barrels.


click on this link that fattire75 posted earlier Longer is better


Hope this helps out.

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Don't go below a 26" for duck hunting. To begin with, it is just plain rude to blast everyone's ears with a loud little 24" barrel in the blind next to a tree. Next, when you drape the shotgun across your shoulders with a 24", the muzzle end is dangerously close to your head and------it is dangerous to others.

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I beleive that you will find that a 26" will swing a

little faster than a 28 or 30. That is why I have

26" in both my M1 and my Nova. I also have a

Remington 870 in 28" and it does seem to me to

swing slower. My advise would be to try both

the 26 and 28 and see which one is better for you

and that you like the best.

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