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NOOB question...


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I'm going to take a WAG and say that it will fit. Here's why. The SN receiver is standardized. The stock changes based on the model. So, the generic Burris mount for the SN model should fit any SN... tactical or otherwise, regardless of the stock that's bolted to the gun.


If I'm wrong, that means, that for whatever reason, Benelli in their infinite wisdom, has decided to make the SNT and/or the collapsible stock a "special case"... which makes no sense at all, but we are talking Benelli here, so it's possible.




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i understand..i ask because i have yet to see the burris speedbead mounted on an SNT with a collapsible stock. i also look at pics of the SNT w/ collapsible stock and when collapsed, part of the stock curves up above the pistol grip-receiver area. so i question it.


has anybody here seen a burris speedbead on a supernova w/ collapsible stock?

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When I first read your thread, I took a look myself... and couldn't find any useful photos either... it may be that you'd be the first to want to try that combo.

part of the stock curves up above the pistol grip-receiver area. so i question it.

Is there a way to limit forward travel of the butt, or shorten the nose of the butt so it doesn't interfere?


You could mount a 1913 rail to the receiver and run what ever red dot or holo sight you want, but there's nothing low enough to co-witness with the iron sights.

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yea...i sorta wanted to co witness the ghost rings so i don't render them useless. also, i also don't want to hack up the $400 collapsible stock just to fit the $200 speed bead. i could go with your suggestion of just collapsing the stock half way, but i want everything i install on this baby to be fully functional...



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