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Stuck choke tube in nova pump

It Flies It Dies

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Other than not getting one stuck in the first place? I've heard of soaking the end of your barrel and choke tube in a finish friendly lubricant. After a day of soaking, try removing it. I had a Stoeger 2000 choke tube that was removed with a pair of vice grips one we got the choke tube out far enough to grab. If it's too difficult to remove after a day of soaking, take it to a gunsmith. I'm sure there are other suggestions out there, so wait a day or two for other responses.

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Saw these solutions on another forum.


Get a cheap 3/8" drive socket that just fits in the tube. Clean the inside of the tube with alcohol then JB Weld that socket into the choke tube making sure you don't get any run off in the bore of the barrel and that the socket's 3/8" drive-end is facing out so you can put a ratchet on it. Let it cure 24 hours.

Next, lightly heat the barrel tip and use the ratchet to break it loose. Buy a new choke tube and use anti-sieze, not choke lube.



The method of placing the muzzle of the gun in transmission fluid and heating to just below the smoking stage for about 10 minutes seems to be the most successful method. Use a hot plate outside well away from anything flamable and make certain a method of extinquishing a fire is readily available.

Make certain you can turn the heat off from a distance by pulling a plug on an extension cord, for example.

You don't want the hot transmission fluid to ignite by dripping on the hot plate.

Let the fluid cool down before approaching and removing the barrel.



Leave the barrel soaking in penetrating oil... every time you walk by it, take a wooden hammer handle and tap on it on the outside of the choke tube. It may take a day or a week, but it will eventually break free.




Threaded eye-bolt, with four washers smaller than the bore, and 3 nuts that fit it. One rubber stopper with a hole in the middle that the eye-bolt will fit through, and that is shorter than your choke tube.


Ensure that the choke tube is clean in the bore. Place one nut on eye-bolt. Thread up. Place two washers, then followed by the rubber stopper. Next, two more washers, and then finally the second and third nut.


Tighten the two bottom nuts against each other, and plunge the whole thing into the choke tube, taking care not to go past the choke tube to the barrel.

Tighten down the top nut until the rubber stopper bulges out against the choke tube snuggly.

Stick a screwdriver through the eye, and cuss and turn red while you try to work the tube out.

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