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  1. I was considering purchasing a Benelli Nova 20 gauge. If I purchased the one with the 24 in. barrel, am I able to purchase and install a short stock for my son? Thanks, Nate
  2. My panic attack is over. I continued with the nylon brush and Break Free. That did the job. I saw some great rust preventative through Brownells that I'll give a shot.
  3. I've done it before and I'm sure I'll do it again - put the gun away while it was wet and let it sit in the case for several hours before I took it out to clean it. The barrel has surface rust spots on it Any recommendations for getting it off? I sprayed Rem Oil on it, scrubbed with a nylon brush and old t-shirt, but it's still there. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  4. I've never used this method. Maybe I'll give it a shot if I ever buy a decent set of decoys. It looks like a little work to rig them up, but easy to set up and take down. Any comments on this system for guys who have used this or a similiar set up? http://www.txwaterfowler.com/html_pages/duck_hunting/texas_rigged_decoys/index.htm
  5. My father in law just purchased a Beretta Extrema 2. It's a nice gun. With that being said, my buddy just bought a SBE and loves it. It too is a nice gun. If you're mainly goose hunting, you'll be shooting heavy loads. Beretta's new kick off technology and the fact that is gas operated makes it the softest shooting semi auto on the market (so they claim). No, the Beretta does not need to be shouldered in order for it to cycle. Check out the video at http://www.berettausa.com Ultimately, you want to buy a gun on how it fits you, but with all of the adjustments you can make on both g
  6. I have a pair of chest high 3mm neopreme waders and boots from Cabelas. I also have a pair of chest high breathable waders, also from Cabelas. Both are great! Which pair I pick depends on the weather and location of hunt.
  7. Mudhen told me about Winglock calls and I purchased one a couple of months ago. Great sounding call that won't cost you an arm and leg. I took it out and was blowing for some the guys I hunt with on opening day. They all wanted to know what I was blowin'.
  8. I don't have experience with the Nova, but would stay away from the 2000. If you want to spend 500 or less, check out a used Benelli, Beretta, or Browning.
  9. http://www.wingmagic.com/ I set this up on opening day in CA but didn't use it much (the birds were coming in without any calls or movement). Once you get the hang of the pulling motion, it looks like a great product. Puts some motion in your decoy spread and stirs up the water. My father in law and I did great on opening day - 6 mallards (3 hens and 3 greenheads), 2 male sprig (one of which was banded back in 1998), 1 gadwall, 1 spoony, and 4 green wing teal. We had some friends shoot two redheads, the first I've seen in CA. I thought they were a central flyway bird?
  10. In addition to the search button, there is also a private message button you can click on to lecture whoever is on their "high horse."
  11. I've used those and get tired of replacing the batteries! The Duck Commander 3X quiver is a battery beast. The dang thing quivers so much it pops the batteries out of place. When they do stay in place, you have to replace the batteries every trip - NO joke - tried to use 3 of them last year. The quiver butt works well and is nice to look at!
  12. I don't hunt exclusively for geese, but that looks like a great product. I'm wondering why they don't make a version for duck hunting? The only drawback with that product is the obvious - you can't use it when there is a wind under 10 mph or foggy (as is the case in the Sacramento Valley where I hunt). Curious how it would do with a little rain?
  13. My father in law purchased a set of these for the upcoming season (Oct. 21 is the opener). Curious if anyone has ever used this product? If so, what kind of results did you see? http://www.duckrippler.com/
  14. Make sure you don't overcharge the battery. I believe the battery manufacturer suggests you charge it for 10-12 hours the night before you hunt? I always take two batteries into the field, just in case I have a problem.
  15. I remember seeing a duck hunting show on TV where they hunted Cans out of the SF bay. If I remember correctly, most of the Cans in the Pacific Flyway stop in the bay? I've never hunted the bay area but have friends that have hunted Grizzly Island refuge (somewhere near Fairfield I believe) with good luck. There is great hunting near the Sutter Buttes/Sacramento Valley. Check F & G's web site for all of the public refuges near the Buttes. Your best bet it to fill out an application for a reservation. Check out CWA's website (California Waterfowl Association) for possible space
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