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Super Vinci decent for sporting clays/hunting?

Carlen Cyphers

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I am not new to shooting, but I am getting my first shotgun for Christmas. I will be using it for hunting as well as quite a bit of sporting clays. I originally was going to get a Browning Citori Lightning O/U as I know it is a great sporting clays gun, but would be a little bulky for hunting...


I am having second thoughts, but I think I should stick to my gut and go with the Super Vinci (it fits me like a dream). Is this gun a decent sporting clays gun or am I crazy? I feel like the Super Vinci will be more versatile then the Browning O/U...what do you guys think? Chances are if I do get the Super Vinci (and the Super Vinci may have already been bought for Christmas by my dad) I will eventually get an O/U for clays but it may be years down the road.

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Quite frankly, ANY shotgun that's suitable for hunting would make a decent SC gun. That's kind of what that game is all about, mimicking various hunting presentations. Heck, I shoot SC, Skeet, 5-stand, pheasants, quail, and ducks with my 21" M1. The semi will be more versatile than the O/U in a number of ways. At least 1 extra shell in the gun, depending on what you're hunting. I've found the O/U to be harder kicking than the semi since the semi action is taking up some of the recoil impulse. I hardly ever shoot my O/U's any more. And when I do, I'm reminded of why I don't shoot them that much. If I was ONLY shooting one game (skeet, trap, whatever) and shooting only one soft shooting target load, I might go with the O/U. Hence, MY reasoning on the versatility of the semi over the O/U and if I was limited to one gun that's the one I'd go with. I'm sure some will disagree. YMMV That's why they make different kinds.

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