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Took mine out for the first time today, usually shoot a browning 525. normally shoot about 80/100 and could not find a thing with this gun.


Stock too short and LOP seems off and pads are not available.


Any suggestions? Very frustrated I just dropped so much money on a gun that seems poorly set up for sporting clays.

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Shoot it more. My performance suffers greatly when moving from gun to gun. My primary gun is my M1, 12 ga. I try and shoot clays with my M1(12), M1(20), Browning Citori, Remington 870. It always takes me a lot of practice with those others to come anywhere close to what I shoot with the M1. Unless you've got each gun set up exactly the same (lop, drop, cast, weight, sight radius, etc) different guns will shoot differently, especially if you're switching back and forth willy nilly. I've mostly quit doing that.


One more thing. Make sure your stock is shimmed properly for you. I got a new M2 and couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with it. I'm a lefty but all my stocks are set up with neutral (no left or right bias). For some reason, this one came set up with a right side bias. As soon as I changed it to neutral I started getting my hits.

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