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Benelli Pistols


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Greetings everyone!

I just aquired a Benelli B76 9MM pistol but it didn't come with an instruction manual. Does anyone know how to field strip one of these pistols? Better yet, does anyone have an instruction manual I could get a copy of or buy?

These pistols are great, BTW. Tack drivers due to having a fixed barrel. Inexpensive to obtain, too. They were not very popular in the States due to being a full size service auto with an eight round mag capacity. Typical Benelli quality (high). They come in 9MM (B76), 32 ACP (B77) and 30 Luger (B80). I highly recommend them. But I can't get it apart. :confused:

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Congradulations on the purchase of a great pistol. You can purchase the gun digest book of automatic pistols, assemblY/disassembly at any Barnes & Nobile store for $34.99. To disassemble the slide.

1. Remove the magazine.

2. Pull the slide back and engage the safety by pushing it up.

3. Check the chamber to see it is CLEAR (unloaded).

4. With a small screw driver turn in the lock lugs on the back sides of the slide. (small rectangular chromed plated). They will swivel back on either side of the hammer.

5. With a small punch or !/8" dia. nail, push in the firing pin located

between the chrome lugs. With the pin depressed, pull down the locking support cam from the slide. The cam also contains the lugs.

6. Holding the slide against the recoil spring tension, release the safety and allow the slide to slowly run foward off the frame.

7. Lift out the breechblock from the frame.



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