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M2 Cap Retaining Pin and Spring


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I bought a Benelli M2 field with a 28 inch barrel last June and absolutely love it. However, the other day I was cleaning out the barrel and noticed that the cap retaining pin and spring fell out on the floor. Is it normal to just sit in there loose?

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Nope, not normal. If I remember right from my Remington armorer school days (Benelli probably the same - I don't remember that being addressed in armorer school) there's a special staking tool that presses the barrel ring metal in around the top of the pin to retain it.


Addendum: yep, I thought I remembered right; the Benelli detent is probably similarly retained



You're probably better off taking it to a gunsmith who knows what he/she's doing on this or calling Benelli customer service and sending the barrel in for repair.

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