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Anyone familiar with special edition SBEII's?


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Was at Mack's Prairie Wings last weekend and saw on the used gun rack an SBEII that had some name that I hadn't seen before...something hunter I believe. The gun has all the metal pieces (receivers/barrel) in what looked like a powdercoat or cerakote that was a shiny tan/FDE color...almost goldish, but with more brown. The stock and fore end were in Max-4 or some camo. It was actually a pretty good looking gun, but they wanted more than a brand new SBEII for it.


Anyone have any idea what it is and what it offers over the standard SBEII?

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ive got an old SBE ducks unlimited speshul...benelli has run some speshul guns in the past...what you saw i dunno and i would never pay any extra for them..what they were for is to help raise money for a club or organization..course what you saw could be somebodys neutered idea of what a real benelli is

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Yeah...ended up calling them to ask what it was so I could research it some more...turns out it's something they do themselves. They send off the barrel/upper receiver and the lower receiver to get cerakoted in whatever that color was and then put it back together with the comfortech and fore end. I had already bought a regular max-4 SBEII there the weekend before, but it caught my eye and was curious about it.

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