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Broken Benelli SBE II with photos... help please?


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Just received a Benelli Super BE II back from C-Rums with welded lifter. YeeHah!


Put the thing together and the Bolt Catch Button would not pop out or work properly....... upon inspection I noticed the Carrier Latch had a crack and bend in it, WTF?


The gun had just gone on a couple of 3 day duck hunting trips and shot (not as much as it should have).


I guess I am asking does this part break often? I thought this was a stamped part, but the crack looks MIM (I am no expert on stampings/MIM). It also failed on the back end and I would have thought that the front (forward) end would have failed first. Common or just a bad part...?


Is there a "better" version of this part?


I thought it was common for people to custom bend this Carrier Catch for easier loading, etc. and that is was a pretty bomber part. I have not needed to bend mine, so that did not cause the part to fail. Just pointing out that it was not abused, but is known to hold up to abuse.


I had read on the errornet that Benelli put higher grade parts in the military's M4 than the commercial civvie versions and thought there might be some better parts to replace this one with...


Is it just a knock out the roll pin and replace... easy.... or more to it?






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Yes it is a stamped out part and they rarely break. Seen thousands of Benellis through my hands and the factory one for the SBE and M4 are different lengths, just different finish. That is why you'll have to have one for an SBE/SBEII (same thing) 3.5" shell. The 3" guns use shorter ones. Yes it is very simple, roll pin out, roll pin in and watch your spring placement. 3/32" punch if you need to know. Actually most roll pins break from wear (about 4000 to 7000 rounds) before the latch ever gives any. Seen some break if the trigger assembly was put in incorrectly and people try to "hammer" the bolt release closed.

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