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The right gun for the budget hunter.


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That ultralight would be pretty punishing with turkey loads--so fair warning.


For a budget hunter, i'd recommend you pick up an old M1 Super 90 or an old Super Black Eagle (I, not II). I've got 5 M1s and 1 SBE, as well as a Montefeltro (about the same as the ultralight, just a little heavier. It's a great upland gun), a Benelli M4, and a cordoba. If you're on the lookout, you can pick 'em up in pretty good shape for anywhere between $500 and $800, and they're damn near the same as the newer guns. The main difference is that they don't have the comfortech stock. Honestly, I shoot my M1s more often than my Cordoba, just because they're not as loud and it's tough wearing earplugs (yes, it's that loud) and trying to hear the ducks/geese coming in. Anywhere in the 24" to 28" barrel length will suffice for the type of hunting you're talking about, but i prefer longer barrels.

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Most definitely the M2 field with either a 26" or 28" barrel and the Comfortech stock. I don't like the Montefeltro or that line because they don't have the stepped rib like the M2 field. I believe the ultralight is similar to the Montefeltro. The 3" shells in the M2 are plenty for turkeys or ducks and the M2 is lighter than the SBEII. I guess if you shoot a crap load of geese, you might could use the 3.5" shells in the SBEII. I don't care anything about pretty, so the black synthetic is what I shoot.


Whatever you choose, I'm sure you will be happy with it. Try to shoot the ones you are interested in if you can.


Hey Benelli shooters

If you could only buy one shotgun to hunt pheasants, geese and turkey, which one would it be with what specs?


I hunt turkey more then other birds, but i really liked the ultralight.



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