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vinci bolt - possible to switch?


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hey guys,

I noticed that the Vinci super sport shows that it has a "speed bolt" that is lighter and will cycle lighter 7/8 oz loads. At the moment I am using my super vinci to shoot clays, and while i love my gun, on occasion, it has a tendancy to not cycle 1oz loads and even the recommended minimum 1 1/8 load (yes i broke it in and have had it almost 2 yrs), which can be frustrating shooting clay games. Id really rather not buy another separate gun for clay games (supersport or an o/u) since i already dropped 1700+ on this thing in the first place.


Question is - can i buy and switch out my stock super vinci bolt for this regular vinci supersport "speed bolt" ? Is it even possible to switch out (will it fit) and would they even sell the part separate? If it works as advertised it may help with my issue...although im sure if i bought a supersport id be having the same issue with 7/8 loads.


thanks, jonathan

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