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First Day @ The Range with my new M4 and cleaning mistake...


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Well just took my new M4 out to the indoor range this weekend, will take it outdoors to really put a lot through it soon, shot 50 slugs through without a single hitch or hiccup, ran well and shot accurately. Loving the gun so far, can't wait to get outdoors and really put some rounds through it. While cleaning it today I used a copper brush through the barrel a little too close to my clean rag and a couple other parts and got some oversprayed lead on my bolt and my cleaning rag which then transferred some lead specks onto the outside of my barrel, nothing dire but nonetheless would like to know if theres any way to clean these pesky lead specks off. CLP doesnt seem to be doing the trick and even scraping with my fingernail aint doin the job. Any recommendations on a solvent or process to possibly remove these lead specks? Thanks guys!

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Ya I saw that, I see some people saying not to use this type of product on blued finishes or blueing, would the barrel of the M4 and bolt finish be affected by this? Seeing as they are not stainless and do have a finish to them, don't want to make a minor cosmetic issue worse. I was able to get most of it off by just using a toothbrush and clp with some good scrubing however some of the lead specks on the outside of my barrel and bolt are on there pretty good.

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