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New to the forum and quick question


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Hey all I just joined this forum today. I have a benelli nova pump and a stoeger m3000. Both are used for hunting. But now I want to make my nova a hd gun. Ibknow there's lots of threads about cutting your barrel on here. So I wont ask repetitive questions about it. What I am wondering is if I did cut it down from 26 to 18.5 would that affect the integrity of the barrel with certian shells? For example 00 buck or 1 oz slugs? Main reason I ask is because in the manual it says you shouldn't shoot steel shot through anything bigger then modified choke and a cut barrel is of course bigger then even o cylinder. Thanks

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OK, here's some input.

* Cutting the barrel down will not "affect the integrity of the barrel with certain shells".


*If you re-read the manual it says not to use the full or improved modified chokes to shoot steel shot. Those chokes are tighter than the others, not "bigger". Tighter chokes shouldn't be used with steel because steel doesn't compress like lead does when it goes through the choke and you could end up damaging the choke or even the whole barrel.


*If you want to turn your nova into a home defense gun, either get another barrel for it or trade your field gun for a tactical model.

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