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I had a beautiful m1 which I regrettably sold so when I heard a friends father was in a bad situation and I was asked to look at his guns I accepted. In the collection he had an m1 in about 90-95 condition, less then 50 rounds through it. It is not a HK import stamp like my last one (damn) and there's o e other quite noticeable difference. The barrel has three chokes. Now while it is a pistol grip gun with ghost ring sights, it has a choked barrel. I was asked if if was a tactical or field grade. I don't know, which is it? Also is this the way it came from the factory or did someone change the barrel out on it?

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Later guns came with choked barrels. If it has GR sights, it would be a "tactical" model, although there's not much difference between field and tactical guns. Field guns came with vent rib barrels and a buttstock that had a standard sling stud on the bottom rather than the sling plate that went through the middle of the stock and helped hold it on. Field guns didn't come with extended mag tubes or GR sights. Mechanically, they are identical.

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