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M1 Super 90 - forearm for my 26" barrel won't fit my new 18.5" barrel


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I just purchased an 19.75" barrel for my M1 Super 90. After removing the original 26" barrel I discovered that the forearm does not fit the new 19.75" barrel. Is there a forearm that will fit it? I'd rather buy a new forearm than modify my existing one ... besides, I still plan on shotting the 26" barrel.




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Incorrect barrel size (19.75 instead of 18.5)
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This is "supposedly" an M1 barrel purchased from Midway USA. I understand that an M2 forend must be used when fitting an M2 barrel to an M1 receiver. However I "assumed" that the forend that came with my M1 Super 90 would fit any M1 barrel I attached to it.

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Thanks truckcop ... that was an informative link (sorry I didn't find that earlier). So, now I'm wondering if I can modify my original M1 forend to accomadate the new barrel while still fitting the original barrel as well.




The new 19.75" barrel is on the right and it "looks" like all I would have to do is remove enough material in the forend to allow the longer flange of the new barrel to fit. It "looks" like this would not affect the fit of the older barrel.


Before I dig in and start dremeling my forend ... am I making a correct assumption here?



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Thanks truckcop ... I'm off to find my dremel. You know, this "seemed" perfectly logical (and it is) but it wouldn't have been the first time that something "perfectly logical" turned out to contain a tiny bit of info that I had overlooked. So thanks again.

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