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Supernova Feed Issue, Please Help!


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I have a Benelli Supernova Tactical that I've yet to shoot. Since I've had it, I've loaded and racked some shells through it to get a good feel for the action before I hit the range with it. Anyways, I picked it up this morning and attempted to rack some rounds through it and noticed that the shells wont leave the magazine tube. When I rack the action it just racks without the shells leaving the tube. I tried to combat load a shell and it just jams up. When I manually place a shell into the chamber and down the barrel, the shell will eject just fine. I have field stripped the shotgun and ensured I did every step correct, even broke it back down and reassembled to ensure there wasn't an issue. I have ensured the button on the forearm isn't sticking (the one which allows you to remove the chambered shell but not remove one from the magazine) I haven't even fired a shell through this firearm yet, any idea what the issue could be? It's brand new out of the box...


I had such high hopes for my Benelli and I'm very disappointed. I'm hoping this is a simple fix of which I am unaware. Any help you can provide is appreciated.


I have sent Benelli an email but have yet to hear back from them...

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