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I had used froglube a couple times recently and shot my guns soon thereafter and actually liked the product as it seemed to lubricate well and overall seemed like a good product. Just recently pulled out my 1911 which I had applied froglube after I had went shooting maybe 3-4 months back now and I noticed the slide is slowed down tremendously, as if the froglube has gunked up the action and got more gooey over time? Is this normal and will it function properly when fired? Just wondering if I should go through and remove this from all my firearms and go back to regular breakfree CLP which always seemed to work well for me in the past without this weird goopyness. When releasing the slide it is noticably slowed by the froglube as opposed to snapping back like normal.

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Don't know as I have never used it, but there are pictures of froglube growing a nice coat of mold online. Mold growing on froglube could easily lead to gooey action even if it's not obvious there is mold growing in/on it.


Not sure under what circumstances this occurs, but it doesn't sound good at all.

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I've used it before and it works perfectly. It's especially nice that you don't have to wear gloves either. I've looked at the forums with the mold problems, but I personally don't think there's enough evidence to say it was the reason mold was growing.

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