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  1. The set screws are terrifying. Can you please explain them? Unob: The tooling and molding required to make such parts is VERY expensive upfront investment. Per unit cost after that is much better than machining, but molds are crazy expensive. I am not aware of any... ANY... M-Lok plastic slots that are fortified with metal on the backend. This doesn't seem realistic. M-Lok was designed to be poly friendly btw.
  2. I know you said not interested in parting out. I am interested in the entire FCG - Safety, Lifter, Housing, et al. I would also like the forend. And the follower and spring. I'd trade in the OEM parts I have, so you still have a complete firearm. Probably be able to off load the OEM build easier on GB / at least get closer to value that way.
  3. Given that all the components used are scout compatible, described as scout components by their manufacturers, and you use the actual surefire scout light emitter - how would one better describe the function? Genuinely interested, because I am not sure I can do better. Perhaps your best bet is to build out a 6 Series light using a long 6 series body. You can use surefire emitters or you can use aftermarket depending upon your preference. Bodies that would build to length:
  4. I am wondering if this is a terminology issue or a methodology issue? In fact it does work with Scout lights, naitively with a picitanny rail, and with the scout style lights by using a adapted scout bodies available on the open market. So, if it's a way this has been worded - how would you propose the function and method be described by the vendor? They will need to describe to users exactly what options they have, so saying nothing is no option at all. If it's a method issue, as mentioned it does in fact work with native scouts, but the focus here is how it adopts to adapted scout
  5. Can't wait to see the pictures. Will have some good news on this subject here in a few weeks. Hope to have something tangible to test. Made of Aluminium.
  6. Benelli could fix this problem if they just stopped trying to sell to LEO only. After all, Benelli USA went out of it's way to make H20s available to citizens. Stop with the silliness already.
  7. I am not aware of any dimensional difference between the various builds/model #s of M4s that could possibly effect total round capacity outside of the obvious crimped extensions and SBS. If you are running a full length tube, you can fit 7 in there. Springs, Spring Retainer and actual shell length are your variables. Plus, if you are not already aware, float a round (ghost load) on the feed ramps to gain 1.
  8. I do remember that project. Had no idea TD bought the rights.
  9. Nice! I have a t1 on an AR, definitely going to be getting one of these.
  10. bm4sbs

    M4 Porn

    Which IWC Mount are you going to use for the rear? I can't recall which one you are waiting on.
  11. Can you take a picture of the weapon, cleared of course, straight down the barrel so I can see the profile of where your light sits, etc? How is the action/feeding going now? Besides lathing your pistons, what other adjustments have you made since your last outing?
  12. Bit a bit different since the M4 handguards are split right down the middle. But it is doable.
  13. Yup, one thing tough to solve is the bottom rail. I did take a magpul rail section and fit it to handguards on other shotguns. You could do the same with the factory style handguards - that way you don't have to drill your real factory set. Once you have the magpul rail on there, you could mount an AFG to it. Just one option. I have pictures of how factory this look can turn out on another shotgun I have if you are interested in that route.
  14. Hi. May I ask what you are going to mount to the M80 rails, if anything?
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