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WTB: Benelli M4 collapsible stock


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I'm looking for a genuine Benelli M4 c-stock, either new or like new conditon.


I took my POS Pro Mag c-stock off today do to it failing to stay in the locked position every time I fired a round!


I know there are some on Gunbroker, but they're beyond the price which I'm willing to spend on one.



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I had an OEM Benelli c-stock on a used M1014 I traded into which was doing the very same thing, turned out to be missing the retaining pin. Got a replacement retaining pin from Benelli and now it functions as it should. I suggest you check for a missing retaining pin before discarding that stock.

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The retaining pin in question is item #7 in this diagram (item #10 is the retaining pin for the push button plunger). This retaining pin is what engages in each notch on the receiver extension to lock it into place. You can view through the hole on the side to see if it's in place or not. It's very simple to install if you need to install it. -



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The retaining pin is there, but it looks very worn. I've only been to the range twice with this stock, so I find it hard to believe it's worn out already. I'm guessing it's just some really cheap metal.


I had suspected the retaining pin on those knock-offs was substandard. As you found out that is a crucial part. Before discarding that stock I would suggest getting a replacement retaining pin from Benelli and give that a try.

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