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mix up shells and go shooting, clean it first with gun scrubber, oil it and then set up some cardboard to pattern the shells you

want to use...................shoot it like your old one with only one bead, do not get hung up on the two beads.

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Benelli recommends breaking it in with 3.5" loads. I bought a new SBE2 this month and after the aforementioned cleaning and lubing I have put a 50 rounds of 3.5" through it during the patterning process. Also put another 25 rds of 3" through it. It cycles perfectly. I have read several blog posts from guys complaining that their new SBE2 isn't cycling shells. That is because they didn't break them in with the 3.5s like Benelli suggests.

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OK here's the scoop.I read the manual and what it said about"break in" and here's what I did,I picked up my SBE II this morning and then headed to the range to break her in.

I brought 1 box of nitro mags 3-1/2" shells,2 boxes of 3" turkey load mags one dozen high brass pheasant loads,one box of target shells for clay pigeons.So The very first thing I do is load up with the light target loads and I start shooting.Then I mixed and matched everything I had brought with me to try and get this gun to malfunction in some way.Now maybe some Benelli SBE II's NEED a break in,but not mine I mixed and changed up loads,shells etc trying to get the gun to FTF or FTF.Nothing.this gun took all I gave it and never skipped a beat.This is one bad ass Benelli.Now I can't wait for pheasant and deer season.;)

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