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Cleaning a Benelli Super 90


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Does anyone have a link with a detailed link and description of cleaning auto shotguns, or the m1 super 90? What do I need? The manual doesn't say much about cleaning.


This is the second shotgun I've owned, and it's the first auto. Just took it out for its first time today.

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These inertia guns are easy to clean.


First take off the barrel and disassemble the bolt assembly according to your owners manual.



Run a brass brush dipped in gun-cleaning solvent down your barrel 2-3 times. Let that sit for a minute to let the solvent work. Then, push gun cleaning pads through the barrel until they come out relatively clean. Once they come out clean, take one final pad and spray it with some gun oil (Benelli or otherwise). Run that down the inside of the barrel to lightly coat and protect it. The barrel is done, set that aside.



With the various pieces of your bolt sitting on the table, wipe off any visible fouling with a clean rag. Take an old toothbrush with some gun cleaning solvent and brush the spring, rotating bolt head, etc. Wipe off remaining solvent. Apply 1-2 drops of oil to the inertia spring and firing pin. Assemble bolt and set aside...bolt is done.


Trigger assembly:

I don't disassemble my trigger assembly, but you can if you feel ambitious. The owners manual tells you at least how to remove it from the gun. I just wipe down any areas that I can get to and apply 1 drop of oil on the trigger springs and surfaces that see wear.


Before you assemble, put one drop of oil on the little "cup" that the bar on the bolt rests in (on top of the recoil spring).


Assemble gun as per Benelli instructions and give the entire outside of the gun a good wipe with a rag w/ gun oil on it.


Happy hunting/shooting,



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I have not run across any online step-by-step stuff with pictures...mainly because I haven't looked. I'm sure someone's got something out there.


You will need two liquids for cleaning your gun...a gun cleaning solvent like Hoppe's #9 and the Benelli (or other brand) gun oil. When you clean the barrel, the gun cleaning solvent comes first...then the oil. You may use the Benelli oil on all other parts of the gun if you so choose.


You asked about "mops" and I can only assume you're talking about those white-colored poofy things that attach to the end of you cleaning rod. I generally use those for only applying oil to the inside of the barrel (after I've cleaned with the solvent). Some people use them to actually clean the barrel, but they get dirty very fast if you do that. I use gun cleaning swabs or torn-up old shirts to clean the barrel (I also use these to apply the oil rather than use the "mops")



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